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The Dandy Dog Nanny

Sofia Dandy

I have over 15 years of experience in the pet care industry, and I'm only in early 30's! I started dog sitting by learning from my grandfather, who has loved dogs his whole life. He always watched neighbors' dogs as a side gig and showed me the ropes when I was very young. When I was about 12, I got my first dog and my mom enrolled us in 4H, where I started showing my dog and did obedience training. I also volunteered in our community bringing my dog to nursing homes and hospice centers to comfort my elders. As years went on, I attended beauty school, worked at a law firm, and even became a professional CDL A driver! How dumb of me! But hey, ya live and ya learn. I ALWAYS ended up back to dogs. Even during all my other jobs, I was heavily involved in dog rescue and pet sitting on the side. I worked at vet clinics as assistants and front desk coordinators on occasion too! I should've just stuck with it since being a kid! Well, I'm here now running my dog boarding business full time and never been happier! I can't see myself ever switching careers or just obtaining a job, NEVER AGAIN! I live for this, and I want nothing more in life than to help keep dogs safe, happy, & healthy!

I'm so excited to be continuing my journey fulfilling my life's purpose and continuing my education every step of the way. Now, also being a dog trainer and specializing in behavior modification, I am confident I can handle any breed with any issues. I can administer any medication that your dog needs as well. Relax, I got you!

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